Cycling & triathlon shorts, tops, tanks, suits and shoes for training, racing and, in the odd instance, Halloween costume (trust us, it's been done!).  One absolute truth is that you can't race naked but the proper clothing really is necessary equipment for more than just one reason. The right clothing worn at the right time and the right size will enhance your performance in more ways than just providing essential coverage.  

You will actually be faster in the right apparel.  Here's a short list proving it:

1. Thermal regulation in hot conditions.   The right pieces and fabrics will breathe with you and provide optimum cooling in hot conditions.  Keeping your skin cool will help prevent elevation of your core body temperature as long as possible so you can keep going.

2. Thermal regulation in cool conditions.  The right amount of coverage and warmth in cooler conditions can keep your skin and the underlying muscles warm enough to enable continuing muscular contractions so you can keep swimming, biking and running your best. 

3.  Comfort. Properly designed apparel will be ergonomically shaped to move with you the right way for performance.  Clothing that moves with you will keep you comfortable and allow you to focus on the work.

4.  Confidence. When you know your clothes are working for you and, let's be honest - you look good, you know you're where you belong.  You need no excuses and you offer no explanations. Just do the thing you came to do. 


You've got the gear; you've got this!


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