I remember starting my first job out of university and being told "dress for the job you want."  So, if I wanted to be a professional cyclist, I guess I should have been wearing some of these kits, right?  

But, all joking aside, cycling clothing has come a long way since I graduated.  Fabrics are better and there is more attention paid to visibility and utility.   

-Look for high visibility colours, patterns and design as well as reflective details, all designed to enhance our visibility out on the road.  

-  Look for functional details like full zipped jerseys for ease of wear, adequate pocket storage, zipped pockets for security, waterproof lining in key pockets for storage of electricals.

As for fashion, there are always trends that you can choose to follow or not.  With so many brand choices, there are lots of opportunities to find your own style but one thing we can still agree on is that you can never underestimate the value of a great pair of cycling shorts so you can always find them here.  

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