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Element merges sport and lifestyle. We provide sport specific product and services with a broad range of both technical and lifestyle products and clothing. We‘re more than a bike shop or a tri shop.  We've put our decades of triathlon experience to work, sorting through all products from the tried and true to the latest and greatest and we've curated our in-store and online product selection to those that we know bring the best functionality and value to our customers.  At Element, both in-store and online, you'll find top-end tri and road bikes, race wheels, saddles, helmets, hydration systems for racing and training as well as triathlon training and racing apparel like wetsuits, tri shorts, cycling clothing, goggles, sport eyewear.  Plus, lifestyle tees, our own jewelry line and, of course, triathlon talk every day.  And don't forget about bike service:  Cam will apply his artistic sensibility and attention to detail to all of your bikes.

Element Tri & Bicycle Works revisits the foundations of triathlon and cyling in the retail space.  Element Tri & Bicycle Works is Iinspired by the original Element store, which was the brainchild of Cam MacKenzie.  Cam created the original element with the idea of creating a new shopping experience for the triathlon and cycling enthusiasts. For many athletes, sport becomes part of your day to day routine.  The new Element Tri & Bicycle Works embraces our roots in the triathlon world while still maintaining a focus on a cycling lifestyle.  


Many of you will know Cam from his long tenure in the industry. Cam MacKenzie has been cycling since ’84, and took up triathlon on a dare in ’89. With 25 Ironman races under his belt, he enjoys the sport more than ever.
He is well known and respected in Edmonton as well as across Alberta & beyond for his knowledge of the sport and all of the technical products that make the sports of triathlon and cycling so exciting and compelling. As well, Cam is a FIST(TM) certified bike fit technician, one of two in northern Alberta. The other FIST(TM) certified bike fitter is the other principal, Elise Gaudet-MacKenzie.
Elise Gaudet has been participating in triathlon since 1993, With 14 Ironman finishes in her resume, Elise finished her 3rd Ironman Hawaii in October ’07. In addition to being a top flite competitor, Elise was the race director of the Women's Triathlon for over 10 years. She completed Level I Triathlon Coaching in 2007.  Elise has also successfully earned a Certificate in Sports Nutrition (March, 2013) and is a ITCA certified triathlon coach (spring 2019). 
Between them, Cam and Elise have 40 Ironman races under their belts and an unknown number of half ironman races.  And both have raced Ironman Hawaii on the lava fields in Kona.  
At Element, we offer a carefully curated selection of premium products for every aspect of your racing and training needs.  And we understand the value proposition you face when buying any sports equipment and we can offer quality products at a variety of price levels to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers.  Sometimes you just need the basics to get you started. Sometimes, you are prepared to spare no expense to gain any legal advantage your equipment can give you. Wherever you are in your journey, we can help you find the gear you seek. 
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Call us at 1-780-757-0418 or visit our store in Edmonton's historic Oliver community.  

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