Seasons & weather may shorten your ride time, but a trainer will allow the riding to continue.  Explore the world of online training with the new generation Smart Trainers.  Who says the riding needs to end?  Not us.

Your first step to productive and engaging year-round riding is to invest in a smart trainer that will allow you to connect with a variety of online training platforms like Zwift, Rouvy, TrainerRoad and Sufferfest.   The new online training world allows you to ride with real people and even on real courses which make it easy to visualize riding outside or in one of Zwift's virtual worlds.  

Setting up your training space can also help get you up and riding and connected quickly for all of your indoor training sessions.  To join the online training platforms, you'll need to sign into your chosen platform and connect your trainer and any other devices to the platform.   "Other devices" you might want to connect include a heart rate (:HR:)monitor, power meter or power pedals, cadence meters.  Some online races require supporting you results with the accompanying HR data.   Here's a short list of things to consider incorporating into your training space:

1.  Table or stand for computer, laptop or smart phone to run your training platform.

2.  Towel and fan for moisture and temperature control.

3.  Entertainment.  Do you like to train with audio or video?  Make sure you have a way to access either or both.  Maybe you want different entertainment different days. 

4.  Spot to store nutrition needs.  

You can make your training space as simple or as elaborate as you like. The key is to make starting your training sessions as simple and quick as possible. 

(And if you want to put your trainer to good use, you can also ask us about training programs and options.)

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