Lazer Strada Kineticore Helmet

Whether you’re taking a leisure weekend ride around the city or setting out for a new personal best on Strava, the Strada KinetiCore offers extensive protection for all levels of cyclists so you can focus on the best part: getting the absolute most out of every ride.


Pedal with peace of mind and leave the protection up to us. Better by design, KinetiCore is the world’s first responsibly designed and fully Integrated Rotational Impact Protection technology that’s built right into the helmet instead of added on after.

Featuring highly breathable ventilation channels, a silicone docking system to conveniently stash your eyewear, and Aeroshell compatibility for increased aerodynamic performance and protection in every kind of weather, the Strada KinetiCore delivers high-value performance in a light and comfortable package. The ScrollSys belt adjusts for a quick and secure fit with minimal fiddling, and LED light compatibility at the rear of the helmet ensures maximum visibility for those rides that start or end in the dark.

New for 2024

As always, the new year's lineup has some colour updates.  The tried and true Matte Black, gloss White and Black-Flash Yellow remain as well as the Gray (with vivid red logo).  The new seasonal colours are both muted tones:   Forest Green (two shades of a mossy green) and Lila (dusty pink).   Muted shades are popular with the gravel crowd but those that stick to asphalt often opt for the higher degree of visibility with the White gloss and Black-Flash Yellow.   At Element, we try to keep Matte Black, White gloss and Black-Flash in stock.  Seasonal colours not avaiable in XL.

What is Kineticore? This is IMPORTANT!

Kineticore is Lazer's Proprietary Integrated Rotational Impact protection.  Unlike other rotational impact protection systems that are added to the inside of a helmet, Lazer's Kineticore is built into the helmet. As Lazer says: 

A more advanced protection technology built for every cyclist -Ingenuity Built-In. Not added on

In every cycling crash that involves head impact, both direct acceleration and rotational movement of the brain occurs. We created KinetiCore and its unique crumple zones to minimise both direct and rotational energy that can affect your brain during impact. These controlled crumple zones are a unique set of blocks designed to buckle in the event of direct or rotational impact, redirecting energy away from the brain. We apply this protective technology to all genres of our helmets, Road, MTB, Urban & Kids.

Kineticore is available Lazer helmets in every category - Road, MTB (mountain bike)  Urban and Kids. 

The Strada Kineticore is our best-selling helmet and it is versatile in its utility.  It has been used by our custmers for road cycling, mountain bike riding and for urban riding. If you're only buying one helmet, this is a great option.

This helmet scores a “Best Available” 5-star protection rating from Virginia Tech.

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