Grab Bag Tri Top, Men, Unisex

We have a great selection of triathlon tops from previous seasons that might not have a matching short but they are perfectly fine for training. For those solo trainer days or those days when you don't really care what you wear as long as it's clean, this is the perfect option.  

Just pick your size and we'll ship them out to you.  Even if it's not the perfect colour for your favourite race short, these tops work great for indoor rides in your pain cave, where no one is judging your fashion sense.  When all that counts is watts and heart rate, this top won't let you donw. 

In selecting your size, remember that triathlon clothing is designed with a next-to-skin race fit.  If you want something a little more relaxed fit for training, you can always size up.

No returns or exchanges on Grab Bag purchases.

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