Lazer Coyote Kineticore Helmet

- Stylish trail-ready MTB helmet for confidently tackling technical terrain - 

With versatile adjustability, advanced KinetiCore protection and Winter Kit compatibility to keep you riding long into the cold season, this breathable lid inspires confidence on singletrack. Whether you’re chasing tech or flow, the durable Coyote KinetiCore delivers on style, performance, and advanced protection all in one sleek package.  


  • Adult Mountain Bike Helmet: the Coyote KinetiCore is a lightweight, feature-packed trail helmet
  • 5-Star Protection Technology: built-in KinetiCore offers additional protection from rotational impact in the event of a crash
  • Quick Magnetic Buckle: no need to take your gloves off - this helmet strap can easily be undone with one hand
  • Integrated Visor: adjustable visor blocks the sun and keeps rain, mud, and low-hanging branches out of your face while riding
  • TurnSys Technology: provides a quick and precise fit with the spin of a dial
  • Head circumference in CM : S 52 - 56, M 55 - 59, L 58 - 61, XL 61 - 64

2024 Colour Updates: Something Fresh Is Coming

Turquoise! Yes, this one will be a nice colour for visibility in part because it is a bright colour but also because it is a colour we haven't seen in adult helmets for a while.  Something out of the ordinary, something that stands out from the crowd, something that stands out from the background, will enhance your visibility.  

Other new colours coming for 2024 are a Matte Pink and Dune (two-tone tan colour).  These will be special order only.  Element will not stock them.  

What is Kineticore? This is IMPORTANT!

Kineticore is Lazer's Proprietary Integrated Rotational Impact protection.  Unlike other rotational impact protection systems that are added to the inside of a helmet, Lazer's Kineticore is built into the helmet. As Lazer says: 

A more advanced protection technology built for every cyclist -Ingenuity Built-In. Not added on

In every cycling crash that involves head impact, both direct acceleration and rotational movement of the brain occurs. We created KinetiCore and its unique crumple zones to minimise both direct and rotational energy that can affect your brain during impact. These controlled crumple zones are a unique set of blocks designed to buckle in the event of direct or rotational impact, redirecting energy away from the brain. We apply this protective technology to all genres of our helmets, Road, MTB, Urban & Kids.

Kineticore is available Lazer helmets in every category - Road, MTB (mountain bike)  Urban and Kids. 

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