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YEG Tri Club is now here!

Get access to early entry tiers for Ironman & 70.3 race registration.

With Ironman Canada returning to Penticton, we're seeing a resurgence in the excitement we've always felt about Ironman.  People are returning to the sport after a long hiatus and new participants are signing up - or at least they try to sign up!  Registration protocols have changed in the past few years:  tiered registration releases spots to preferred groups like clubs before general registration opens up.  You can gain an early entry spot by being a member of a recognized club so we're making it easy for you. Here's how: 

As a recognized Tri Club, our members get access to an early registration tier and the bigger our club, the earlier you can enter. So, the solution is easy - join the YEG Tri Club list!  It's free and, as soon as you add your name to the list, we'll give you a discount coupon for a signature piece from the  YEG Tri Collection.


Other Cool Stuff

The world is coming to Edmonton again in 2020!

YEG Tri Collection is available to anyone.  When the world comes to race in Edmonton and when we go to race elsewhere, YEG Tri Gear can be a symbol of that the triathlon spirit is alive and strong in our community.  We invite you to try YEG Tri Gear and help us show our city to the world.


We hope that  YEG Tri Club can do more than help you register for an event. We hope it can bring us together and help us show pride in our city.  Edmonton has a lot to offer both as a home and a training destination:

- Running trails in our river valley and beyond make Edmonton one of the best cities in Canada for run training.

- The North Saskatchewan River is an exciting and very viable open water swim venue and it doesn't cost a thing to use.

-  Are you doing any hill repeat training for a bike or run?  It's easy to find lots of challenging options.

- Miles of range roads just outside the city allow long rides in lower-traffic conditions.  

Here's a bit more info on our current group training schedule.

Group Bike Training Sessions

We invite and encourage anyone to ride with us throughout the year.  Our indoor ride season features 2 coached trainer workouts weekly on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.  The summer ride season features two outdoor rides (weather permitting, of course) on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings.  As an added bonus, the Sunday rides starting and finishing from our Callingwood Market location have the benefit of wrapping up when the Callingwood Farmer's Market is open.   The Farmer's Market offers the perfect opportunity to stock up on fresh produce or to grab a post-ride snack from one of the vendors.  I have a few favourites - the chocolate brioche or the pear tart from Loaf Story for example. 

Swim Training

There is a small, casual group that swim together a few times a week. These are not coached sessions in the sense that there is no coach on deck but we do have a planned workout that is triathlon (endurance) focused. Workouts will range from around 2000m to up to 4000m (the latter distance is only necessary for those of you training for a full Ironman distance event).

Stay Informed

The best way to keep updated on training sessions is to register with the YEG Tri Club email list.  It's just that easy and it's free.  Here's the link to copy & paste into your browser to sign up:

 Also Coming In 2020:  Bike Maintenance Workshop, Bikeology 101

If you are new to cycling and triathlon, you might find basic bike maintenance out of your comfort zone and that can cause more than little anxiety when faced with your first flat time. Can you imagine if that were to happen in a race?   It's happened to me and it can happen to you. Our workshops will give you the skills you need to deal with it.



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