Tri Swim Shampoo

New Value Size Option! 946 ml (32 oz) size now available!

 (Arriving in 2024.)

Here at Element, we tell people that this is the one thing we never skip after any swim workout and, in all our years in triathlon, we've tried every swim shampoo out there. This one works the best.  As you all know, swimming can be hard on your hair but TriSwim Shampoo and TriSwim conditioner can help keep your hair strong and healthy.  Prevent chlorine damage and restore moisture balance for healthy hair after swim training. 

 TRISWIM Shampoo restores, hydrates, nourishes, which helps rebuild strong healthy hair. We recommend:  Use TRISWIM SHAMPOO after every swim workout, and follow with TRISWIM CONDITIONER to completely nourish hair follicles.


o   TRISWIM SHAMPOO is specifically formulated to eliminate Chlorine, Bromine, Salt Water and chemical odour by sequestering, attacking and rinsing the chemicals out of the hair and down the drain.

o   Moisturizes with Aloe Vera, Vitamin A & Pro-Vitamin B5.

o   TRISWIM SHAMPOO effectively removes the straw-like feeling and greenish tint in hair.

o   Formulated for swimmers or active individuals who are exposed to harsh drying elements such as Chlorine, Bromine, Salt and Sun. 

o   Chamomile and Watercress assist in healing dandruff and an itchy, dry scalp.

o   NEWLY FORMULATED with a FRESH Light Lime Citrus scent appeals to men, women, children and is considered a "salon rated" product.

o   No animal testing / paraben free

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