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We've been keeping our eyes open for products that we think will make great Christmas and other occasion gifts for the cyclist who seems to have everything or the cyclist who needs everything.  Bookmark this page and check in once in a while to see what we've added. Happy shopping!

Bike Care Kits

We've put together a few bike care packages that make a perfect gift for any cyclist who likes to do some of their own maintenance and cleaning between tune-ups.  One kit includes the essentials from Pedros for keep your drivetrain clean and running smooth, inside or out training.  The other kit features the essentials from Muc-Off to protect your bike from sweat, dust and other mess from indoor training.  

       Pedros bike care kit    Muc-Off bike care kit


Peace In Ukraine Kit

As we've mentioned before, $50 from the sale of each jersey and each jersey goes to charity.  To date, we're sitting at a total donation of $1300 but our goal is to try to get that to at least $1500 for 2022 and you can help get us there. We have the most commonly popular sizes in stock and we can custom order any size you need if we don't have yours.  Most people have purchased just the jersey and that's great but we really love the look of the complete kit.  Order online or pick up in store.  



Fun Christmas Theme Jerseys

These are a great gift for someone else or a fun piece to wear to your next group or Zoom ride before the holiday season.  And only $69.99.

Green Xmas jersey  Xmas n-1 jersey


Nutrition Tasting Kit

Every endurance athlete will go through a ton of sports fuel and, if you don't mix it up a bit, you can get pretty tired of any one product, no matter how delicious it might be.  While a lot of athletes become fixated on one very specific product, a lot of us still seek variety and even, sometimes, a treat to look forward to. For all of the athletes on your gift list who fall into the second category, you can put together a nutrition sampler kit. Or, if you are in a hurry, you can just pick up one of the packages we've put together. Choose from 4-piece, 6-piece or 8-piece kits.  The 8-piece prepack shown here is $25.99 but you can put together any kit that strikes your fancy.  Prices will vary, obviously.

Nutrition 8 pack


Custom Name Sticker

Everybody seems to love them!  This is truly a personalized product. You can order it on the website and we will make up and mail the decal to you.  Or, you can come in and order it in person and we can work with you to customize it.  We have many more colour and font options than we show on the website so you can truly make this a totally unique Christmas gift. 

name decal


Secure Air-Tag Holder For Bike

This is an easy gift for yourself or any cyclist friend and, at just $14.99, it's affordable to add it to any bike.  This little device is compatible with an  Apple Air-Tag (sold separately) and it mounts directly onto your bike. We recommend mounting if underneath a bottle cage, making it less visible and more difficult to tamper with. If your bike is every lost or stolen, included in misdirected luggage, has somehow been moved, the air-tag app will ping the tag and help you find  your bike.   Easy, peazy (I'm really not sure how to spell  that one but it gets the message across perfectly.) 

air tag colours  pic



This is another lightweight, inexpensive solution.   This simple plastic insert slots into the back of your saddle and stops spray from wet roads from splashing up your back.  Simply put it on and take it off as needed or fold in and tuck it in under the saddle so it's always there when you need it. Quieter and simpler than installed fenders and less expensive.  Just $13.99 saves your clothes from a bunch of mess.   Awesome for winter riding. 

Cycling Inspired Jewelry

Made in house, each piece is unique and hand-crafted by our very own mechanic, Cam. Each piece incorporates into the design some part or piece that would normally be more commonly found on a bike.  Bracelets, necklaces, earrings - there is something here for everyone!  Custom sizing, colour accent and design is available.



Casuals -  Tees & Hoodies

Most of the tees and hoodies on our website are designed by Element's in-house artist, Cam MacKenzie. He's the artist that lends his attention to detail and artistic sensibility to work on your bike but he's got a full-on artistic side that he gets to run with his inspiration.  And, while they make great  Christmas gifts, most of these designs are not stocked in the store. They are Print-On-Demand ("POD") products and each design is available in multiple colours and every size, too many options to stock in the store.  The closer we get to Christmas, the higher the volume of orders at the POD supplier so we recommend shopping those types of items early.  If you approach this in November, we might even have time to customize a design for you - to set up a  custom colour, to change short  sleeve to long, to change a hoodie to a tee - just ask us!  We have a selection in stock in Edmonton so you can confirm quality of our tees and hoodies and to assess sizing.  We look forward to helping you and seeing more   of Cam's designs running around.


ride hoodie


Remodeez Shoe Odor Removing Inserts

If you ride on your trainer a lot during the winter season and you're wearing the same bike shoes, you might be doing your family a favour by picking up a pair o Remodeez odor removing inserts for your bike shoes.  If you are one of those people who rarely, if ever, wears socks in your bike shoes, please as for a pair  for Christmas.   Please.   For your family.

Sugoi Zap  Jacket - Now 25% Off!

This jacket is renowned for its highly reflective qualities which makes it a great choice for winter riding and bike commuting.  Men's and  women's sizes and colour options in stock.  



Ukraine Peace Jersey

We (Cam, obviously) did two unique designs to show our support for our Ukrainian friends and $50 from the sale of each piece goes to charity.  We don't  stock the kits in all sizes all the time but, now that the designs are finalized, it is just two to three days from order to shipping.  Still lots of time to get them in time for Christmas but allow for production and shipping time so order early.   There are matching socks too (in stock in Edmonton right now).

Quintana Roo Tri (PR Series) or Aero Road  Bike (SRFive)

Quintana Roo offers a nice variety of options for you to customize your bike. Production time this time of year is better than what we'll see into the new year and then the spring.  You might be able to get your dream ride in time for Christmas. Ask us.
QR Xmas card
Elise Gaudet
Elise Gaudet

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