Swim Paddles For Swim Power and Precision


Paddles for swim training allow you to do swim specific strength work:  paddles increase the size of the surface you need to pull through the water, increasing the amount of force needed to pull through for each and every stroke you take. I like to say that it is the swim equivalent to going out on your bike or on the run and doing hill repeats to build strength.  When the water is flat, paddles can make you feel like you're swimming uphill or upstream.  Pull more water to develop strength to pull through the water with more force. 

Only Blue (adult size) in stock..



- Wide-area wrist and finger straps are adjustable for a secure fit.
- Broad-blade design for optimal water contact, building upper body strength.
- Holes allow water to channel through the paddles so the fluidity of each stroke is unimpeded.

- Material: Silicone
- Age: Adult Teens
- Gender: Unisex
- Item type: Swimming Gloves
- Swimming practice tool for correcting strokes.

Package content:

1 Pair x Swimming Paddles, 1 x Storage Bag

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