Sumarpo Eco-Race Triathlon Wetsuit


● Yamamoto #39 SCS neoprene
● Eco-based & Hypoallergenic materials
● 580% flexible SQ flex inner lining
● Quick-release ankle panels
● Engineered groove shape paddles
● Stable trinity support system
● Double-layer collar
● Low modular tech
● 2-year warranty


● Chest: 4mm
● Back: 2mm/3mm
● Arms: 1.5mm
● Upper legs: 4mm
● Lower legs: 3mm

● The size chart can help you a lot when choosing your wetsuit.  Our experience is that this size chart is very accurate at predicting your best size.
● Recommend that you choose the smaller one if you are between two sizes.
● Your neoprene wetsuit should be a little bit tight on the dry land. Due to neoprene’s feature, you may feel right in the water.
● Notice that you need to size up if the wetsuit limits your breathing or arm movements in the water.
● Take your time to try on the wetsuit. Our return policy covers 30 days.

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