Service Packages 2024

SOLD OUT for 2024!

Limited time sale and limited quantities available.

New for 2024 are our Gold and Platinum services packages.  Prepay service and get expedited turnaround time and 15% off parts and accessories with your service.

ProWrench Service Packages

Our ProWrench service packages include pro tune-ups, guaranteed tight turnaround times and exclusive discounts with our Platinum and Gold Service memberships. Click on product description to learn more details. On sale until Jan 31st!  Limited number of packages are available.


Product description

Gold Package $450 (Retail value $597)

  • 3 pro tune-ups per year
  • 48 hour turnaround guarantee
  • 10% off parts and accessories with your tune-ups

Platinum Membership $575 (Retail value $796)

  • 4 pro tune-ups per year
  • 24 hour turnaround guarantee
  • 15% off all parts and accessories with your tune-ups

*Std. non-package turnaround times during peak season can be 3-5 days. 



1.  Can I use it on more than one bike? 

Yes!  If you have more than one bike, you are exactly the type of customer we designed this package for.  Professional bike tune-up services can add up, especially when you ride a lot and need tune-ups at different times of the season for different needs and different bikes.  Rather than put off maintenance that can help all of your bike run longer and faster, our service packages can help you keep up with timely maintenance on all your bikes as needed.  And since you get priority service, you won't miss any ride time.

2. Can I share a service package?

No, this package is for you and your bikes.  We put together to help you get the best service for your own bikes, to keep your own bikes in their best working order.  As much as we love our friends and family, this package is just for you and your bikes.

3.  Do the packages have an expiry date?

No, the package will be there for as long as it takes you to use it.  For those of you with more than one bike, we certainly hope you get enough ride time that they come due for a spa day with Cam.  However, we also understand that sometimes, things happen that prevent us from riding for a while so you might not need bike service as often.  If some of those things happen, we certainly hope you are all recovered and back on the road soon. 

4.  When does the sale of the packages end?

Ideally, we are saying that these packages are up for grabs until January 31 or while the limited number of units is still available. 

5. How many packages are you selling?

Good question.  That number is either

  1. A secret
  2. Subject to change 
  3. All of the above

There are  no prizes for right or wrong answers. 

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