Secure Air-Tag Holder for Your Bike

  • Designed to track your bike down in the event of theft from a long range.
  • At closer range,  use the app to activate the built-in AirTag speaker to help you better locate the tracker and your bike.


This is perfect and perfectly subtle. You'll hardly notice it is there and many potential bike   thieves will either overlook it or be deterred by the extra work to remove it. This Secure Tag Holder is a simple and secure way to install a tracker to your bicycle frame using the bottle cage mounts.   In the event of theft, you can track down your bike down quickly and easily.  Your air tag tracker will be housed in a waterproof, dustproof, ABS plastic cover that you can mount  directly to your bike or with any standard mount bottle cage. We recommend mounting the tracker with a bottle cage to make it less obvious to see and more difficult to remove, providing an extra level of theft  protection.  The Air-Tag Holder is attached with custom screws and socket tools and can't be removed with regular tools.   Custom screws and socket tools are  included.  supplied with T25 security bolts and a security key for an extra level of protection against theft.

What's Included
  • Secure Air-Tag Holder 

  • 2x custom bolts

  • 1x security key 

Not Included (sourced separately)

  • Apple AirTag


  • Compatible with Apple AirTags (sourced separately)
  • Fits standard bottle cage mounts to fit under your bottle cage
  • Supplied with 2x security bolts and 1x security key
  • Lightweight- Air-Tag Holder plus  bolts and  security key weigh just 25g
  • Colours available to order;  black model in stock
  • Compatible with Apple AirTag (not included)

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