RynoPower Carbo-Fuel - Stimulant Free Drink Mix

If protein, vitamins, & minerals are the building materials for your body, think of CARBO-FUEL as the gasoline for your body. CARBO-FUEL provides immediate & sustained energy along with recovery nutrition for all of your athletic needs whether it’s on your bike, on a run, or at the gym. Tasteless & colorless, it mixes easily in any juice or water. It works perfectly for carbo-loading before an event, as well as replacing muscle glycogen immediately after each training session. Take CARBO-FUEL 30-40 minutes before activity for lasting energy without being weighed down by a heavy meal from traditional carbo-loading. You will not want to workout another day without it!

  • 2 LBS bag contains 18 servings
  • 50g of complex carbs per serving
  • Stimulant-free & gluten-free

If you have used and are accustomed to a product called CarboPro and have been struggling to find it, your search is over.  CarboPro is no longer in production and available but this is an equivalent product that will do the same job for you.  CarboFuel is a Non-GMO pure complex carbohydrate made from non-GMO corn.  The pure carbohydrate is easily mixed in liquid, easily digested and instantly accessible by your body as a fuel source.  This 2 lb (907g) package will make up 18 servings of 50g (200 calories) per serving.  

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