Element Bubble Swim Buoy, Small

This is the smaller of the two swim buoys we offer. This small bubble swim buoy is designed to float along behind you, secured by an adjustable nylon tether around your waist.  Practically weightless, you won't notice it while you're swimming but you'll be noticed by other swimmers, boats and anyone else within sight of you and that is what this swim buoy is designed to do - make you visible in the water. 

Safety first!

Safety should always be the first priority when swimming in open water and making sure you are visible is just one step. Here are some others:

1. Swim with a friend or friends.  It is never advised to swim in open water alone.

2.  Make a plan.  And make sure other friends and family know about your plans.

3.  Be familiar with your surroundings. Different swim venues can offer different challenges. Make sure you are familiar with particulars of your destination swim venue. Consider things like currents, changes in currents, water temperature, water depth, obstacles submerged underwater, visibility, wildlife, boat traffic. 

4. Know how to swim.  No swim buoy or other swim gear we sell should be considered to be a life-saving device.  The best way to be prepared to swim in open water or any other swim venue is to know how to swim.

5.  Don't go beyond your own limits.  Be smart!!

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of safety tips, merely a  good start. Be smart, be cautious and have a safe swim.


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