Profile Designs Aluminum Aerobars

In this product listing, we include three models of Profile Designs aerobars.  This product group includes those comprehensive products that are essentially a one-step solution for your aerobar set up. So, there products include the aerobars, the mounting mechanism and the pads.  Just mount them, adjust them to your comfort and you are aero and ready to go!

Flip Ergo 50a Aerobar

The Flip bracket offers Profile's new generation fit range paired to classic Profile Design spring loaded arms allowing the armrests to sit up,  out of the way when not in use.  Pairing this bracket with the ergo armrest offers industry leading fit  options and greater comfort.  With the 50a extensions this aerobar encourages a neutral wrist angle.

Airstryke II Aerobar

The Airstryke ii takes the features of the ever popular Airstryke and adds an expanded fit range and more comfortable armrest.  The flip up bracket and classic shape are retained. The Airstryke ii is intended to allow riders to add aerobars to their road or adventure bike without sacrificing the ability to hold the bars close to the stem.  The comfortable grip angle and smoothly curved armrest offer a relaxed position for long days in the saddle.

Legacy II Aerobar

Key updates to the Legacy bar include improved ergonomics and added hand positions to create a more dynamic bar. The armrests feature width adjustment along with rotational adjustment. The simple yet adjustable design of the Legacy II adds versatility to any road bike.

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