JoJe Bars

A bar worth sharing - but you won't want to!!


Crafted with the science of performance and nutrition, JoJé® Bars bring together the right balance of whole food ingredients for sustainable energy, including optimal levels of healthy fats and carbohydrates, and nut-based proteins.


JoJe bars are a soft, chewy, dense bar that is easy to eat on the go.  And there are enough diverse flavours, there is sure to be one to appeal to your tastes any time.


Created by a professional athlete and chef with a passion for nutrition, JoJé is designed to keep energy levels steady, without upsetting your stomach.


Our bars are soft-baked like cookies and made with premium, whole-food and gluten-free ingredients such as peanut butters, oats, maple syrup, seeds and real fruit.


We’re dedicated to building inclusive communities of athletes who give back, because outdoor adventure and good food are better when shared together.

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