Garneau Neo Power Motion Short

A good / great pair of bike shorts isn't something you want to take for granted. If you are planning on riding long and/or often, you definitely don't want to go for the bargain basement brand here.  I know there will be those die-hard or experienced cyclist that will rattle off all the technical features of their premium shorts, but you don't need to break the bank either.  This Neo Power Motion short from Garneau has been a staple for us here at Element and is not only a great short, it is an superior value for the many technical features it offers.  So, when your riding buddy is boasting about his $400 Italian shorts, you can smile politely and be confident you got all the performance you needed for less.   


The Neo Power Motion Shorts are perfect for any rider who prefers shorts over bib shorts but you do you.  I will wear either and sometimes my preference varies daily.  

The Hitop waistband provides a taller height than traditional men’s waistbands, which provides more contact area for the waistband to connect to the rider’s waist. In addition to the updated waistband, we used premium materials such as the Power + LYCRA® fiber and Pro + LYCRA® fiber to offer a compressive fit with fabrics that are quick-drying. Anti-chafing seams and laser-finished leg bands round it out to offer modern features for every shorts - lover out there.
  • Seamless, laser-style finish at thighs
  • Anti-chafing seams
  • Chamois gel for maximum support and covered with Cupron to reduce chafing
  • inseam 10.5'' (26.5 cm)
  • Reflective logos on side and back
  • Multi-thickness perforated high-density foam for better moisture evacuation and support
  • Perforated gel inserts offer comfort and breathability
  • Central channel shaped to relieve pressure from the urethra (men only)
  • Developed with B.E.M. (Beveled Edge Molding) high-density perforated memory foam. This technology eliminates drastic drops of heights at the edge of the foam, resulting in a smooth transition without pinching points or chafing
  • The copper of CUPRON fabric helps reduce irritation to the skin, provides antimicrobial properties, can help promote wound healing and provides anti-allergen properties.

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