eLoad Fly 100% Carbohydrate Fuel

The Fly Carbohydrate Fuel leaves the stomach quicker and gets into muscle faster. eload FLY is a flavorless, easily dissolvable and 100% carbohydrate powder, that can be added to water or sports drinks. It allows you to bump up the carbohydrate content in your drinks, so if you prefer, you can use a liquid only diet in training or competition. 

  • 24 servings per canister | 1 serving = 32g
  • 120 cal = 30mg of Carbohydrates
  • Flavourless
  • 100% Amylopectin content
  • No resistant carbohydrates
  • Faster Glycemic Rise & Glycogen Repletion
Format: 800g

Allergens: none. 


Ingredients: maltodextrin. Derived from waxy maize corn-with NO resistant starch.


More eLoad Fly arriving by end of May.

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