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Unisex Bracelet - Woven Leather & Chain Link

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There are 3 versions of this one:  skinny, medium and wide.  This bracelet has an adjustable length with a slide-through self closure.  Just pick your preferred model, customize it with an accent bead if you want and it's yours.   This one is popular with and suitable for both men and women.  


Leather cord - We normally use black cord but we also have silver/platinum colour cord as well.   We show the medium bracelet here with both black and white/silver leather options.


Accent beads can include the skull bead as shown, valve stem nuts, silver spacer beads or valve stem nuts. You can pick one or just leave it to chance and we'll set something up for you.

We hope you get a sense of how the different width bracelets look and just know that the model used here definitely has small wrists and rather veiny arms.  She is quite sure they will all look much better on you!  Her own personal bracelet is the skinny size. You can pull off any of them with the right attitude.