Open Water Swim Buoy Dry Bag - Inflatable Tow Float

A 'must have' for open water swimming, this is the one that we use for all our open water swim training:

- Hi-vis colour for visibility on the water.

- Adjustable waist belt allows the float to drag behind the swimmer without impeding swim stroke.

-  Dry storage compartment has enough room to store essentials and valuables;  phone, towel, flip-flops, hat.

- Inflate one or both sides to desired level.

-  Durable and easy to clean nylon material.

- 20L to 28L capacity, depending on how much you choose to roll down the top of the bag

We also found that it doubles as a pillow at the beach for your post-swim nap.  Make sure you put on your sunscreen first!!


Shipping:  2-14 days 

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