Strap-Free Teknique Swim Paddle, Size Medium

You can run these paddles strap-free to provide constant feedback on your stroke technique. 

In strap-free mode, you need to maintain constant pressure on the water to keep the paddle in place.

Optional holes allow you to add straps for security.  This would allow you to use these paddles with more confidence in open water and for swim-run events.

Paddles are shaped to fit the natural contour on your hand for a comfortable fit and to encourage a good hand position.  These paddles are very similar to other strapless paddles on the market but, provided rubber straps and holes pre-drilled in the paddle, you have the option of using them with paddles for better control.  Straps can be removed at any time.

An essential tool for triathletes and swimmers looking for tools to help them improve swim technique (and don't we all?)

Size Medium paddles are stocked in our store and can be picked up or ordered directly.   

(The paddles in stock as of November 2022 are the green ones. They look pretty awesome and they work exactly the same as the blue or yellow ones.   They are no faster nor no slower.)


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