Bike Service

Bike service can be booked in advance or on an urgent basis.  Regular, recurring service is available daily and has always been accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  However, we also offer the option of booking service on specific dates for same-day turnaround.  This has been used for our out-of-town customers but is available to anyone who needs it.  

Emergency Service

Urgent or emergency repair is worked into our schedule to the best of our ability. We do leave some leeway in our booking schedule to allow us to accommodate this type of service as much as possible.

Turnaround Time

This booking is for service drop off and we make every effort to service your bike within 24 hours of drop-off.  However, until we do the intake on your bike and do a quick visual inspection, the extent of the work required and what if any parts are required, we really can't predict completion time precisely.

Priority Service

During high volume times for bike service (spring & summer generally), additional service fees can be applied to rush service.  We know it sometimes happens so we want to make sure we accommodate you as much as possible but the extra fee applies when we have to rearrange and delay other service bookings in the queue.  Please contact us directly by email at or call us at 780-757-0418 to arrange Priority Service.  

Services Offered:  The Details

For more information about services and rates, you can refer to the "Services - Maintenance & Fitting" page on our website menu. 

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