Arena Tracks Swim Goggles for Open Water and Pool Swimming

The Arena Tracks goggle has beeb one of our best-selling goggles for the past few years and it appeals to swimmers of all types from recreational to competitive, for pool and open wtaer.  It might not seem like the ideal selection for open water but it works exceptionally well for pool swimming. Arena positions this goggle as a racing goggle but it is also totally suitable for swim training, recreational swimming and open water.  If it fits you well, and with an adjustable nose bridge, fit is highly customizable, it has a soft and pliable gasket that conforms well to facial contours.  Here's what Arena says about this goggle:

"Cut through the water with crystal-clear vision with our essential racing goggle. Fogless with built-in UV protection, our hard lenses ensure long-lasting performance and fast swimming. We keep it ultra-comfortable with soft silicone seals and strap to alleviate pressure on your head and face. Get an optimal fit for racing with an easy-to-adjust dual strap. Watertight and hydrodynamic, this basic design offers all you need in a racing goggle." 

Here's what we see with our customers and what we say
  • UV protection and anti-fog treatment for eye protection and visual clarity make is well-suited to both pool and open water swimming.
  • soft, flat-edged gasket wraps around the side of the eye socket for a comfortable fit
  • polycarbonate lens for durability
  • adjustable nose-bridge for customizable fit

It has been our experience that this goggle fits a small to normal size face or eye socket but that it does fit a very broad range of people.  For people with a larger face or looking for a larger fitting goggle, we recommend The One or a mask style goggle. The new The One Mask is coming soon and will be a great option. If you are limited to buying goggles online, this is our recommendation for the most likely good fit option among the goggles we sell.  

Note: Not all colours are in stock at all times.  Our goal is to have a few options for you at all times but seasonal availabity will vary.

- Hard polycarbonate lens
- 3 piece adjustable nose bridges: If goggles aren't fitting correctly, try changing out the adjustable nose bridge for better fit and lens gasket placement
- Dual adjustable silicone strap
- Soft silicone seals
- Ultra soft gasket for maximum comfort



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