Bike Maintenance

Tune ups

Regular bike tune up - standard bikes - $129

Regular bike tune up - complex bikes - $159

Major bike tune up - $199 

Prerace prep tune up

Seasonal bike maintenance


(Parts not included.)


Bike Fit

Element has been offering FIST Certified bike fit since 2008. We specialize in triathlon bike fit but FIST principles and our own in-house developed expertise can be applied to road, mountain and commuter bikes as well.  At Element, we are confident that our bike fit approach is uniquely ours:

  1. We understand that bike fit needs to be more about the rider than the bike. A good bike fit session at Element is based on  the rider's answers to the fitter's questions.  And there will be a lot questions!
  2. We believe that good bike fit comes from experience and that experience is more that just learning how to use a piece of bike fit equipment and software. It takes hands-on work with riders and their bikes, working with them to find their best fit.
  3. Good bike fit also requires an in depth understanding of the bike.  The fitter needs to understand bike geometry, parts options, the effect of changes on handing and ride quality, the tolerance levels of specific parts on different bikes, availability of options.  

Bike Makeover

Customize your bike to make it uniquely yours.  We offer top-to-bottom customizeing on your bike.  Do as little as much as you like, from simply changing bar tape and adding a custom decal to a complete colour makeover, we can work with you to make your bike new again and completely your own.

Mini-makeover - $99 or less

Custom bar tape and minor custom decals.

Makeover - Starting at $100

Custom accent decals over larger zones of your frame or fork.  If you're happy enough with the colour of your bike but you feel you want to take it to the next level to make it truly your own, we can work with you to come up with a plan.  

Transformation makeover 

Colour change on frame, fork or both.  Even customized prints or text can be done. Pricing is based on time and level of design consultation.   Tell us your vision and we can work with you to create a plan.


Wetsuit Rentals and Fitting

Rentals $59.  Fitting consultation $49.