Skratch Hydration Drink Mix

Skratch's Sport Hydration Drink Mix was created for a simple purpose - to replace the electrolytes lost in sweat and to provide a little bit of energy when working out, without offending your palate or gut.


Skratch Hydration Drink Mix has less sugar than conventional sports drinks at 4% or 4 g per 100 ml and a ratio of sugar (glucose + fructose) that is optimized for fast absorption, an electrolyte profile that actually matches what is lost in sweat (800 mg sodium, 80 mg potassium, 100 mg calcium, and 80 mg of magnesium per liter), and only real fruit for flavor for a light and refreshing taste that you can drink all day. That’s it - less sugar, the right electrolyte profile, and real fruit. 

Skratch Hacks You Can Try:

  1. Flavour Variety

If you freeze half of your hydration pack (on its side) with one flavor, and then fill it with another flavor before you ride….the flavor changes while you ride and you don’t get so sick of just one flavor over the hours.

2.  High Sodium - without electrolyte capsules

Skratch previously made a high-sodium drink mix but you can replicate it pretty simply on your own:  take 1 scoop of Sport Drink Mix + 3 scoops of Everyday Drink Mix in 500ml of water. This combo will give you about 1600 milligrams of sodium and is perfect to adjust to meet your needs from hyper-hydrating before a workout to sustaining your sweatiest efforts on hot, sunny days.

3. How To Prevent Chews From Sticking Together

Toss them in a little of the High Carbohydrate Drink Mix.  This mix is a fine powder and will stick to any spot not already coated.  

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