YEG Run Hat

Who are we kidding? You don't have to run to wear this hat.  There are so many more reasons or occasions to wear this hat:

  • If you're having a bad hair day.
  • It's cold outside.
  • Race morning:  keep a low profile.
  • Grocery shopping (this may coincide with a bad hair day).
  • On the way home from the pool.
  • It really brings out your eyes.


This is just a simple charcoal hat, made from soft, cozy polar fleece with a waffle texture lining for maximum wicking and breathability.  We top this one off with our own rendering of the Edmonton skyline screened on one side. Choose from orange or black image.


OSFM = One Size Fits Most. But larger size for a big melon available on special request.  Allow 2-4 business days for the larger size.

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