Custom Strava Mug for Cyclist or Runner - Your Strava Run or Ride, Your Mug - 15oz

Did you have an awesome race or run this year?  Whether it was a PR you finally achieved on that special day or a route you ran fifty times, you can celebrate that special run with every cup you drink!  


Add some custom mojo to your morning joe of tea with one of our cycling inspired designs. This is our “Strava Strava Run”, perfect for a pick-me-up hot beverage any time of day. This mug is personalized with a Strava screenshot from your own run, whether is is a special one or an everyday run. It can be a great reminder of a goal you've already accomplished or it can be extra motivation to keep training for your next goal. You can include more or less detail of the run. In this one, we've included distance, total elevation and the elevation profile. But you choose the details you want to include: send us your screenshot or screenshots and your details. We'll send you a draft and we'll get it going This 15oz mug is ready to deliver your favourite hot beverage in a scratch-resistant finish. The easy-grip handle makes for a smooth drinking experience while the durable white ceramic body is the perfect canvas to serve up a daily dose of inspiration, a reminder of the journey ahead.

Remember:  you choose your route:  we put it on a mug and get it to you. Your mug, custom made just for you!

Material: durable white ceramic .:: 15oz (0.33 l),.: C-shaped easy-grip handle .: Scratch-resistant finish

How it works:

  • Submit your order
  • Reach out to us through the contact form on this page or any other page on this website or email directly to us if you have already been in contact with us that way.
  • We will send you a mockup for your approval.
  • On approval, we will submit your custom-designed mug for production.
  • Our production partner will mail your mug directly to you. As of writing this (October), production to shipping time is about 3 days. In peak times, production time can extend as much as 10 days.

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