Quintana Roo PR Four Disc

Looking for the ultimate race machine that won't break the bank? We have just ONE 2023 Quintana Roo PR Four in size 56 left in stock! Don't miss out on this incredible value-priced triathlon bike that offers top-tier performance without the top-end price tag.

The aero frame of the PRfour is made with a hybrid of 24/30T carbon fiber composite which balances a lightweight feel and incredible stiffness while taking it easy on your wallet. The frame features a leading edge absent chainstay which adds to the stiffness and aerodynamic nature of the frame. This makes it more energy efficient, so you have more to give when it is time for the run. A static aero downtube also helps the airflow move properly around the frame while offering more stability. This allows you to whip around corners and descents with confidence. 

The PRfour is built to work as hard as you do. A practical design is a huge part of any tri bike and that goes for the PRfour as well. Its simple design makes traveling and shipping easy. Just two sizes of hex key are needed to disassemble the bike to get it packed up and ready for the road.

While riding, you will have easy access to the QR Top Tube Storage Box which is available in two different sizes. This box is great for holding essential triathlon nutrition such as gels, base salt tubes, and electrolyte tablets. The storage unit is aerodynamic and tucks in right behind the cockpit. Another aerodynamic unit is featured on the tail and is great for spare tubes, CO2, and tire levers. Wind wraps around this unit to add stability. It is secured with a QBOX attachment bracket.

The Quintana Roo PRfour Disc helps you push through the bike leg of your race with efficiency and confidence.


24T Carbon Fiber Frame

30T Carbon Fiber Fork

Disc Brake 

Leading Edge Absent Chainstay

SHIFT+ Technology

Perfect Position Seatpost

Rear QBOX Storage Container

Top Tube Storage


Wheels not as shown in this stock photo of the bike with the Neon Fire (Red) accent colour.   For an accurate depiction with the stock wheels, we have included a stock image of the same bike with the blue accent.  The bike comes with Shimano RS wheelset with slim profile aluminum aero rims.  An upgrade to Reynolds AR 58/62 DB wheelset is available at $1999.   QR decals not included but the bike will look pretty stealthy without them!  Plus, without custom decals, these wheels can be used on any of your other compatible bike. 

Other models, colour and size options are available for pre-order. 

Discount codes are not valid on any bike purchases. Any discounts that are applied at checkout will be reversed. 

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