Ass Saver - Removable, Portable Mud Guard

We love these!  They are simple, lightweight and they get the job done without fuss. Even the hardcore road cyclist in me that hates any extra weight or bulk on my bike is on board with this one. 

The AssSaver emergency fender is there when you need it, gone when you don't.  Compact plastic fender quickly and easily snaps onto your saddle when you need some protection from splashing water and dirt.  The lightweight plastic AssSaver is scored with a fold point in the middle for compact pocket storage so you can take it along on any ride, and be ready for anything.

This rear saddle mount mudguard comes in two sizes: the smaller one works best for bikes with narrower tires (road and tri bikes) while the wider side works better for bikes with wider and plumper tires (mountain bikes, cruisers).  Gravel, fitness and hybrid bikes with narrower tires might be fine with the narrower piece but the wider one will be a sure fit.  

Saddle rails are industry standard sizes and these  mudguards are cut to fit any and all standard saddles.  Just pinch the sides together and squeeze them into place.  It couldn't be easier!

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