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Everyone at one time has spent some time on a regular or Ironman marathon next to the athlete who had come to the wisea$$ conclusion that a TicTac package was a great way to carry salt tablets on the run. Well, it might work but it can be annoying for everyone else around you.  If you want to have your SaltStick caps and also be the nice, quiet athlete that let's everyone else race in peace, here's my DIY solution for carrying any kind of capsule or tablet. 

If I'm travelling to a race, I do them  up in advance, leaving one less last minute thing to do when I get there.  I guess there's always the risk that a customs officer might ask what the mysterious, unmarked white capsules are but a skinny, masters triathlete is probably going to get through just fine without a lot of scrutiny. (Aging does have its benefits, I guess!)  


Gather Your Supplies:  Here's What You Need:

- SaltStick capsules (or other capsule or tablet)

- packing tape

- plastic wrap

- scissors

Step 1

Cut a piece of packing tape about 5 to 7 inches long.  I actually will make three or four strips:  2 for the bike, 1 for the run and 1 spare.  

Salt stick 3 pack  packing tape

Step 2

This is the only real tricky part:  place the strip of packing tape sticky side up on a flat surface. The tape wants to stick to your fingers but persist here and you'll get your fingers free.  If it's taking a bit of time, try using something with a fine point like a pen or pencil to anchor it while you get it off your fingers.

tape strip


Step 3

Put the capsules onto the sticky side of the tape about 1" or 2cm apart. I usually make it up into strips of 3, 4 or 5, depending on how many capsules I want for my event.  If I plan on using one capsule an hour, I'll usually make up two strips of 3 or 4 for the bike and one strip of 4 for the run.

open package  start strip


Step 4

Cover the whole strip with plastic wrap and make sure you have each capsule securely fastened down. If you have them securely and individually separated, each one should be waterproof and maintain its integrity until you need it.

cover capsules

Step 5

Trim the edges, leaving a quarter inch to half inch or 1 centimeter border around the edges.  I recommend rounding the corners.  If you end up storing them in a sports bra or tucked under the hem of your shorts, trust me when I tell you that the sharp edges can hurt or annoy after a while. 


Step 6

Tuck them in a pocket, in a top, under the hem of your bike or tri shorts. Pull them out as needed and tear them off one at a time. I just bite them off with my teeth as I go.  I strongly recommend using ordinary plastic wrap rather than the more expensive and stickier "Press and Seal" wrap. The latter is tough which make it great for food storage but it's just a bit too tough for quick removal on-the-go while racing and training. Use plain plastic wrap to make removal easier. Either way, your 


There you have it: your own, race-, run- or ride-ready SaltStrips. Now, go train!


Elise Gaudet
Elise Gaudet

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