Our Swim Mega-Towel - PRODUCTION HALTED!

PRODUCTION HALTED: This item is manufactured in China and that production facility has voluntarily ceased production in early February until fears of spreading the coronavirus are satisfactorily addressed and under control. We will keep you posted and orders will re-start as soon as production resumes. 


We introduced our swim Mega-Towel in December and it's received a lot of attention.  Many of us can finally see the perfect solution to that chill that sets in after an open water swim.  Unless it's a super warm day, I get chilled and start shivering until I can change into dry clothes. But some of our favourite open water swim venues out in the wild don't have convenient change facilities, you find yourself doing the dance where you try to hide behind your car door and quickly change while you hold your towel in your teeth.  This towel could be the game-changer for us!

  • This towel is big enough to wrap around you a couple of times. In fact, I put a button and buttonhole on the top corners of my towel and I can hook it up around the back of my neck.
  • When you secure the corners of the towel together after wrapping it around you, this towel is big enough to give you your own personal change tent. You can slip out of your cold, wet suit into something dry.
  • It is longer than a standard beach towel.  I'm 5'8" and this towel falls to below my knees.
  • High-density weave makes this towel wind-resistant, giving you added protection from those cool winds off the water.

As much as we love this product, it will be unavailable for now.  Here is our formal announcement.

Our swim Mega-Towel item is temporarily unavailable.  This item is manufactured in China and, in view of the urgency caused by the Coronavirus crisis, the manufacturer has taken the proactive step to close their facility immediately. All orders in process have been cancelled.  The facility will be closed until further notice and we will keep you all apprised of any changes.


We will continue to monitor the production status and hope that this situation resolves positively and production resumes but we absolutely understand and support the need to put public health and safety as the top priority.    

Just so that we don't forget about the product, here is a look at some of our favourite designs.




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