July 18, 2020 3 min read

You've heard the saying "Time is money" and that applies to our bike service department as much as it does anywhere.  And we believe that our shop time is valuable as evidenced by the amazing number of customers that seek us out for service, for the time and attention of our mechanic.  It's been an extremely busy season so it's taken us perhaps too long to find the time to post an update on our services and rates for 2020 but here goes.

The value of your bike plays no part in the cost of our services.

Inexpensive and department store bikes typically take more time to achieve a safe and acceptable level of service.  They are often built up with lower quality components but we will help you make them work as best as we possibly can.

Highly Corroded Bikes and Parts

Bikes stored outdoors and bikes stored for an extended time often have a lot of corrosion  Highly corroded, abused and damaged bikes and parts take more time to bring them to the most basic level of safety and function.  Because of the additional time nit takes to clean and fix bikes with notable amounts of corrosion, the service charge will be higher as a result.   Additional time will be charged at our Hourly Shop Rate ("HSR").  

Cleaning Fees

As part of many of our service options, we normally clean bikes as a matter of course as part of any service since it is necessary to clean out dirt, grime, grit and old grease to properly assess and inspect your bike and its parts.  An additional Cleaning Fee will be charged for muddy bikes, drive trains that are caked in greasy lube and dirt and for any bike that is dirtier than is deemed to be reasonable.   A cleaning surcharge will be levied at our HSR.

Safety First

Potential liability will limit what we will attempt to fix.  A bike that is damaged beyond our acceptance will not be serviced. That is, if we believe that the bike will not be sufficiently safe to ride with the requested and/or potential repair, we will not proceed to work on the bike.  We would truly love you to be out riding but we only want you to ride a bike that is safe and sound.

First Come, First Served

Generally, our service is done in the order that bikes are presented for regular service.  However, there will be some apparent exceptions:

1.  Out of town customers can book service for specific dates that they will be in town and we do our best to complete that work on schedule, subject to availability of all needed parts. So far, our track record is close to 100% but with the impact o COVID-19 on both our parts availability and occasional shipping delays, we cannot make guarantees.

2.  We will fit in quick and simple fixes and repairs as expeditiously as we can. Sometimes, it's easier to turn some things around when they come in and get you in and out the same day.

3.  Priority service can be offered on a limited basis but please expect to be charged accordingly.  We will provide you with a price estimate for you to decide before we proceed.

4. We reserve the right to push back service on bikes which require more shop and service time than is allotted for regular service.  Service turn around time may also be extended if we need to order parts and parts are delayed.  


HSR = Our current Hourly Shop Rate is $90.

Elise Gaudet
Elise Gaudet

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