Skratch Chews

Real food energy for going hard
Skratch chews use two types of simple carbs glucose and fructose) to speed the absorption of energy into your body.

Sport Energy Chews can essentially be described as a candy gumdrop made of sugar and pectin.  The unique thing about a chew is that they’ve got a physical form factor that allows them to be loaded and held up in the stomach. As they’re digested, they trickle into the gut to provide a consistent and steady stream of energy. They’re a great alternative if you have difficulty tolerating or don't desire those the sweetness or consistency of gels. The more solid form of the chews allows them to empty from the stomach faster than the gut can absorb.

You'll be encouraged to eat them during your workout because they taste pretty awesome. Plus, as compared to many other energy chews, Skratch has weeded out all the excess ingredients that you don’t need like carnauba wax, coloring agents, and added flavourings. Instead, they use real fruit and a light dusting of granulated sugar and sour powder for function and taste. Yumm!

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