Race Day Fuel Planning

If you get your race day nutrition wrong, all your training might never be fully put to the test.  But where do you start?  And what is the best thing to use?  With so many nutrition brands on the market and all of them claiming something proprietary and beneficial, there’s a lot of noise to sort through. 

You will be putting in a lot of time, effort and sweat on the road to your race, you want your race day nutrition plan to work for on race day.  A solid nutrition plan personalized to your taste preferences, sweat rate, Gi issues, and nutritional needs is the single best thing you can do to make it all happen. It's often been said that your nutrition plan is the 4th part of your triathlon. So, don't leave it to chance, right? 

We will work with you  to create the plan for you, review it with you, and tweak it as needed after you have tried it several times. Then, you can race with confidence knowing you have your nutrition completely dialed in. 

Get started now so you can put your plan to the test n your training.

Our expert:

Elise is a 15 time Ironman finisher and has obtained a certificate in Sports Nutrition.  Elise has worked with numerous athletes to help them understand the nutrient content of common sports fuels used in endurance sports like triathlon.  

The offer:

We’ll work with you to help you craft a fueling and hydration plan for race day and training.  We’ll also work with you to nail down how to carry your fuel with you during your training and racing.  

The options:

Comprehensive Plan:  


You will be able to:

- calculate your caloric requirements 

- estimate hydration needs

- figure out what foods and drinks deliver what you need

- figure out how to carry it all

- troubleshoot problems and make adjustments on the go

- identify issues up front and prevent bigger problems 

- race with confidence in your plan

- daily strategies for fuel to support training and recovery throughout the season

Race Day Plan

If you don't need a comprehensive plan, just an on-the-go strategy to help you plan your race day, this might be all your needs. Simple caloric and hydration planning and some trouble-shooting tips to help you get through race day.

Race Day Complete

Includes the Race Day Plan plus help working in specific fuels on course, recipes for DIY fuels, the mechanics of fuel delivery


Who Are You Working With

15X Ironman finisher, 5X Kona qualifier

15X Ironman finisher, 5X Kona qualifier, and someone who's made many mistakes before I decided to take control of my own  fueling strategy and I can help you do the same.  You spend lots of time and money preparing for your race, you don't want to have it all fall apart because of the lack of a nutrition plan or an poor nutrition plan.  Once you learn a few basics, you can build your own plan, tailor it to the event and conditions and even adjust it on the fly as needed.  


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