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Unisex Bracelet - Lava, Chainlink, Valvenut

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We love this one - by adding a set of 5 valve stem nuts, this bracelet has a focal point.  The bracelet also has a nice weight to it - you know it's there but it isn't heavy, it's just there enough that you're aware of it.  If you feel it, you'll show it off which is part of the point of jewelry:  to express your style, it has to be seen.  

This bracelet as shown fits unstretched approx 7.75" or 19cm.


Lava beads can be used with essential oils: add a drop of any essential oil for continuous release of scent throughout your day.  

Chain link are from new, unused bike chains that we have cleaned to strip of the manufacturers' coatings so they won't stain or damage your skin or clothing.

Valve stem nuts:  when necessary, all other parts used in our jewelry are cleaned to remove any coating

Elastic:  double-strand of 0.5m high-strength elastic is used for durability