Element Swim Mask Goggle with UV Protection & Anti-Fog

If you've seen or used goggles like the Vista or Magna, you know these goggles. It's a favourite for open water swimming because of the wide range of vision. 

Do you want to swim faster?  These goggles might help you do that.  Here's how:

With a lens that extends above your eyebrow, you don't have to lift your head as high to site in open water, causing less disruption of your body position, allowing you to maintain a better-streamlined position.  You might literally swim faster for that simple reason.

Plus if you can site in the water just a little easier and better, you might swim straighter.  Swimming straighter with less deviation off course will have you swimming fewer extra meters and get out of the swim faster.  You need goggles anyway - you might as well try these if you want to swim faster.

Other features we like:

  • split strap for secure placement
  • different lens options for different light conditions
  • quick adjustment mechanism on strap to get your best fit


This item ships direct so please allow extra time for delivery

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