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Element 1.0P Comfort Fit Goggles, Polarized Lens

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If you like the Arena Envision goggle or the Zone 3 Vapour, there will be a good fit for you.  And there are a few colour options here we think you'll have some fun with.  This goggle fits around your eye socket for comfort fit and wide field of vision making it very good for longer swim sessions and open water swimming.  This goggle has a fixed nose-bridge so it is not adjustable other than adjusting strap tension.  We characterize this as an average to larger fit goggle.  For swimmers with a smaller or narrower face, we recommend the Mask.


Wide wrap-around gasket for secure fit even in choppy water

Curved lens for good peripheral vision, making sighting in open water easier

Pliable gasket allows it to conform comfortably to facial contours

UV protection

Anti Fog

Adjustable split strap

Polycarbonate lens

 Silicone frame material