Kuota K-Factor, previously loved, refurbished

If you are in the market for

  • a medium sized (52-54cm) triathlon bike
  • with a price tag that won't break the bank
  • and one that has been given a once-over by a profession bike mechanic
  • or maybe you are in the market for second bike for dedicated trainer riding

then, we have a bike you need to consider.


Full carbon frameset 

SRAM Force, 10speed 

Mavic Aksium Wheelset

Syntace Aerobars

Fit Is Everything!

This bike is sold as is but we've said so many times you've probably heard it before but it bears repeating:   fit is critical!  The most aerodynamic bike in the world isn't going to serve you well if you can't comfortable maintain an aero position.   We can get you dialed in! 



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