Garneau Tri X-Speed XZ Triathon Shoe

Garneau's entry level tri shoe for 2020, the X-Speed IV, features the same update as the X-Lite III.  This model has the same smooth looking streamlined upper and the addition of the X-Comfort zone section. The X-Comfort zone accommodates a wider range of widths and allows for your feet to swell a litle on those long, hot days in the saddle while still keeping you comfortable.  

Have questions about sizing when buying online?  This should help:

  1. You can exchange them to get your best fit.  Extra shipping charges will apply.
  2. Call us, text or email us for help in finding your size. We can share our experience in helping customers find their best size in Garneau shoes.  It's worked well so far and can put your mind at ease.


CURRENT Model Features

Breathable, ventilated
Extremetly well ventilated upper and quick drying
SPD and SPD-SL compatible with 2-3 bolt
Rear reflective accents
Integrated double X-Comfort Zone1 technology prevents numbness and accommodates multiple foot widths
Double hook-and-loop straps
Outsole with ventilation channels
Ventilated insoles Ergo Air
Extremetly well ventilated upper and quickly drying
New Ergo Air Stream co injected for great stiffness
Easy slip on and breathable for great comfort
Features that make the transition easier
Double hook and loop straps for easy transitions

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