Felt FR30 Disc Midnight Blue Fade - SOLD!

Meet the FR. There’s a reason it’s our flagship race bike series. Actually, there are dozens of reasons. But here’s all you need to know: If you’re looking for the best-handling, fastest-climbing, smoothest-riding road racing bike in the world, you’ve found it in the FR line.


You’re looking for an all-around road race bike designed for incredible handling and pedalling efficiency, as well as the durability afforded by an aluminum frame.


You want a carbon frame. If you want carbon, there are several great options for you, including the FR | Advanced and FR | Performance lines.


  • Clearance for up to 28mm tires
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for unrivalled stopping power
  • SuperLite aluminum frame and carbon fibre fork


  • Disc brakes

The FR represents one half of the ideal union between bike and rider. Free of excess, it was painstakingly and obsessively honed for the needs of the most committed road cyclists, in order to win battles of will, attrition, and tactics on any racecourse. When you strip away unnecessary indulgences and gimmicks, all that is left is pure performance, embodied in a bike that is an extension of you.

While carbon fibre is undoubtedly the most popular bicycle frame material of this day and age, it’s by no means the only one. Aluminum road bikes first began dominating professional racing several decades ago, and it’s easy to understand why. Aluminum was lighter than steel, and frame makers had more freedom in the size, shapes, and profiles of tubes at their disposal. Aluminum technology has continuously advanced over time, and today’s aluminum bikes offer incredible performance by any standard. What’s important for all cyclists to remember is that frame material alone doesn’t yield a high-performance or poor-quality bike. Just like how the finest food ingredients demand the skills of a chef to yield a truly exquisite meal, bicycle frame materials require engineering expertise to produce a truly great bicycle. While aluminum itself is slightly heavier than most types of carbon fibre, all other things being equal, this isn’t always the case. In fact, a well-designed and finely crafted aluminum frame will be lighter, pedal more efficiently, and ride more smoothly than a poorly designed carbon frame.

The FR | 30 frame is constructed from our SuperLite aluminum, which isn’t just a silly moniker—this frame truly is amongst the lightest on the market compared with comparable aluminum frames. More importantly, however, our engineers worked tirelessly to ensure that the FR | 30 maintained the same ride experience as its carbon counterparts. This includes the same geometry that is optimized for quick handling, and also features a broadened, modern fit envelope to allow all riders to achieve their most powerful riding position. Other details include internal cable routing and a fork crafted from our UHC Performance-level carbon fibre to further aid precise handling and mitigate excessive road chatter on the bike’s front end.

We partnered with Japanese component icon Shimano to created this FR | 30 project. It includes a full Shimano 105 groupset consisting of mechanical shifters and derailleurs, as well as a 105 crankset, for reliable, precise gear changes and a light-action feel at the levers. The bike also comes with Shimano 105 hydraulic disc brakes, which provide vast amounts of stopping power and modulation over old-school rim brakes, especially when the weather turns nasty. Also included is a stem and handlebar combination from Devox, as well as a carbon Devox seatpost. The wheels come from Devox, too, in the form of tubeless-compatible aluminum hoops that pair great with a set of Rubino IV G+ tires in size 25c.

The FR | 30 offers the same fantastic ride quality and unrivalled performance as the carbon FR line, all with the modernity of disc brakes, in a sleek package that will provide endless smiles for miles.

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