E-Scooter H85V1 -Sold Out

If you were looking for another way to have fun on 2 wheels, this could be for you.

E-scooters are one of the newest ways to have fun on two wheels and you know we love 2-wheeled adventure opportunities.  E-scooters have a lot to offer beyond something fun to do to pass the time.  Lightweight, compact, rechargeable, foldable, they are great options for short commutes around your local area. 

This e-scooter is easy to operate and comes equipped with a patented foot throttle accelerator. The 350-watt motor and 36-volt battery can carry you approximately 25 kilometres on a single charge. This scooter has a top speed of 25 kph, and with 8.5″ wheels equipped with honeycomb tires for a smooth and comfortable ride. The H10M has a built-in headlamp, digital display for speed and battery levels as well as a brake light. This scooter also folds in half and weighs under 30 pounds for easy transportation or storage. 


  • Display battery level: Our mid-range electric scooter adult comes has a display to show the battery levels (all 4 LEDs lit means 100% - 86% battery level, 3 LEDs lit means 85% - 71% battery level, etc).

    Sturdy: The balance scooter has solid tires and a robust design, rated for load of up to 250lb (approx. 120kg). Your commute will be easy while conquer just about any road, even narrow ones, without arriving at your destination (work, appointment, date?) hot, tired and sweaty.

    Makes A Great Gift: This is the ultimate gift for yourself or your significant other. Spend less time on commuting and more time with each other!

    Nimble:  No more excuses to be stuck in traffic or to have to make a detour because the roads are too narrow.

    Certified Safety and Environmentally Friendly: The battery is rechargeable and all the other parts are verified to be safe. As this scooter is electrical, you are contributing yourself to lower your carbon footprint.

    Specifications: The adult electric scooter weighs 12 kg with a max speed 15.6 mph (25 kmph). It can take max weight up to 120 kg and max uphill is 20 degrees in perfect weather or road conditions or circumstances. The charging time is 3 hours to last up to 25 km ride. Manufacturer's warranty:  12-month warranty on major parts. 6-month warranty on battery (tires not included).

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