Dryland Swim Stretch Cords

1. Made of high-quality material:  silicone rubber tubing is attached to heavy-duty plastic hand paddle for firm grip and good control 
2. Lightweight and portable for swim training anywhere.  
3. Smooth surface makes it easy to clean.
4. Strong tension, break and tear-resistant, tough and long-lasting.
5. The heavy-duty nylon webbing handle allows the resistance band to be anchored to a secure object. 

6.  Helps mimic the swim stroke, to exercise the arm and back muscles and enhance your swim power.

How To Use Dryland Stretch Cords:

If you want to learn more about how to incorporate Dryland Stretch Cords into your training, we put together a list of resources and other info here:  https://elementsport.ca/blogs/news/dryland-stretch-cords-what-to-do-with-them


Future dated inventory order options :  the future date is the anticipated date for the next incoming inventory and they can be pre-ordered in order to get priority delivery. 


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