BIKND Jetpack V2 Bike Travel Case

 Packing your bike for the long-haul just got simplified and safer thanks to the intuitive engineering of JETPACK

The JETPACK uses best-in-class materials for guaranteed safe travel performance and is the brainchild of engineers with more than 25 years of expertise in the cycling field. 


The ultimate travel solution for bikes on the go, JETPACK’s innovative inflatable wall-system flanks your precious cargo in Fort Knox-like protection. Rugged roller wheels and an easy gripping handle bolster carrying convenience to and from arrival and departure gates, while the bag’s lightweight build complies with luggage weight restrictions across myriad airlines.


One size fits all but there are now 2 sizes are available for greater ease of use for larger frame styles.  

Dominate all global travel with the peace of mind only Jetpack can provide for your MTB.  And the new size XL for 2018 is 10cm longer than the first generation Jetpack.  


360 °opening

Packing your bike for the long-haul just got simplified and safer thanks to the intuitive engineering of JETPACK


Multiple compatibility

From Triathlon and Road bikes to XC and DH—JETPACK is a fully customizable travel companion that shields a wide array of bikes.  It will even accommodate integrated seat mast tri and road bikes.


Universal axle

The lightweight and ultra-strong aluminum-retaining axle is easily adjustable and, with your bike in place, includes a safe-locking mechanism to ensure superior hold while in transit.


Internal protection

Interior features built for superior en route safekeeping include airbag and a top tub protector—all housed within a rugged, flexible exterior.


Fixing system

The wheels are fixed by a fastening system inside the sidewalls.


Inflatable protection

Inflatable airbags lighten the overall load, while delivering heavyweight protection by absorbing shock from all angles—redirecting energy away from potential damage areas.


Easy Storage


The Jetpack folds down to less than 30 cm high when not in use so it takes up less storage space than a standard clamshell plastic bike case.

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