Anti Fog Spray

Foggy goggles is one of the most common complaints we get from people who come to our store looking for new goggles. Anti-fog coating that is applied to most swim goggles at the manufacturing level is a delicate coating and is not very durable. After a few weeks of use, you'll probably experience foggy goggles unless you diligently refresh your goggle lens with spray or drops.  Here's how you do it:

  • spray anti-fog treatment on the inside of the goggles when the goggles dry
  • gently rub the treatment over the entire inside of the lens
  • gently rinse in room temperature water without touching the lens again
  • let them dry

Since anti-fog spray works best when rinsed and allowed to dry, we recommend applying it the night before a morning swim but we know we are rarely that disciplined.  A quick treatment before you jump in the water is fine but it is still best to quickly rinse the lens before you wear it to remove any excess chemicals. Most anti-fog treatments are alcohol-free but irritation is still possible if it comes in contact with your eyes. Everyone has different tolerances to chemicals and irritation so it best to be cautious than hurried.

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