Race Event Medal Hanger for Wall Display

Introducing Our Acrylic Medal Display Holder - Elegance Meets Functionality!

Product Description:

Are you on the lookout for a modern and stylish way to showcase your hard-earned medals? Our Acrylic Medal Display Holder offers an exquisite solution, available in three sleek color options: clear acrylic, white, or black. Made from high-quality acrylic, this eco-friendly display holder is not only rust-proof and fade-resistant but also stain-proof, effectively preventing fingerprints, dust, and oil buildup.

Key Features:

🏅 Stunning Color Variations:

Choose the perfect match for your decor with our Acrylic Medal Display Holder, available in clear acrylic, white, or black. Elevate the aesthetics of your space while showcasing your achievements.

🏅 Secure Wall Mounting:

Designed with two sturdy holes for easy and secure wall attachment, this display holder ensures your medals stay in place while reducing the clutter on your walls. All the necessary equipment and mounting hardware are included, making installation a breeze.

🏅 Lightweight Yet Sturdy:

The acrylic construction not only makes it lightweight but also incredibly sturdy. Rest assured, it can effortlessly hold heavy medals without bending or warping, allowing you to proudly exhibit your collection.

🏅 Inspirational Design:

Our medal holder embodies the spirit of perseverance and the pursuit of greatness. Featuring the quote "Human must not accept; They must challenge to achieve greatness, start where you are, use what you have, do what you can," it serves as a powerful reminder of your journey and the path to success.

🏅 The Perfect Gift:

Looking for an exceptional gift for a friend or family member? Our Acrylic Medal Display Holder is a popular choice. Celebrate their accomplishments and inspire them to display their hard-earned medals with pride.

Product Specifications:

- Material: High-Quality Acrylic
- Color Options: Clear, White, Black
- Wall-Mounting: 2 Holes for Secure Attachment
- Easy Installation: All Mounting Hardware Included

Your medals represent your dedication, hard work, and achievements. Don't let them stay hidden away – proudly display them with our Acrylic Medal Display Holder. Its modern design and inspirational message will not only add beauty to your space but also serve as a constant source of motivation.

Elevate your decor and your sense of accomplishment. Order our Acrylic Medal Display Holder today and let your medals take the center stage they deserve. Start your journey to greatness with this stunning medal holder!

Make it a part of your decor and share the inspiration with others. Get your Acrylic Medal Display Holder now and witness the transformation it brings to your space.


We've added simple "swim  bike  run" decals to ours just to make it the way we wanted it.  If you have a vision, if you'd like to customize yours, let us know and we'll work with you to make it happen.  To get that started, send us request on a contact form anywhere on this site.  

 - Decal is sold separately.  It is produced in our Edmonton store and mailed to you.  -


Free Shipping if ordered before December 1.

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