Felt IA Advanced Rim Brake, Midnight Geo -SALE! Was $4,399; Now $3,849

Felt & triathlon: solid pedigree

Felt’s very first bike was made for one of the greatest triathletes in history—Paula Newby-Fraser—who rode her stealth black Felt B2 to multiple world championship victories. Since then, Felt has continued to pursue the ideal triathlon racing machine. The IA is the culmination of 30 years of iterative design and painstaking development, and its results at the highest level of competition speak for themselves. So Felt brings us the IA , which they feel is the most aerodynamic bike in the world. They also say that it’s the best-handling triathlon bike on the planet. You can debate those claims (and other bike brands will do that) but what is indisputable is that the IA won the Kona World Championship a staggering six times in a row, and it holds both bike and overall course records across the lava fields of Hawaii. 


Every racecourse is different, with varying elevation gains, road curvature, and, of course, an endless variety of wind, both in terms of velocity and direction. After endless simulated modeling, wind tunnel testing, and real-world riding of prototypes, countless new designs were scrutinized, updated, and tested again, the cycle repeating anew. The result is a bike worthy of carrying on the legendary IA name, one also featuring the improved performance that disc brakes bring to the riding experience. It’s not merely fast in a straight line—it’s faster in all conditions.

storage solutions

The IA comes equipped with Felt’s latest top tube storage solution, the integrated CALpac 2.0. This storage unit features ample space for all of the riding essentials to which a rider needs quick and easy access. Likewise, the IA includes the BTSpac storage device, located behind the seat tube. This unit is ideal for a flat tire repair kit and/or on-the-go tool kit, or any other items that a rider doesn’t require while pedaling on the bike. It’s shape has been aerodynamically optimized for the IA, meaning that it creates no penalty in terms of aerodynamic drag.  (Different IA model shown here).

Felt IA | Advanced, rim brake | 105

 Want the most aerodynamically efficient carbon frame around, but prefer the classic feel of rim brakes? This is the race bike for you. Advanced-level carbon layup Shimano 105 rim brakes Tubeless-ready aluminum wheels. (2020/2021 model is shown here  but only the graphics are updated.  All the features that  make this bike a great and a great value remain on this year's  model).

what size fits you?

We always recommend starting with a size assessment fitting to determine your size.  While your  height alone can give some indication of your size on a bike, especially on a triathlon bike, front stack and aerobar setup and adjustability are key factors to consider.  We most often do bike fittings here in our Edmonton store but we have worked with many customers remotely. Contact us to get started finding your best fit in the IA lineup.

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Felt IA Advanced Rim Brake, Midnight Geo -SALE! Was $4,399; Now $3,849

reviews are in

  • “The first thing we noticed while riding the IA is effortless acceleration.”  AeroGeeks
  • “The ride is smooth and predictably fast, and offers ample comfort over long trips.” Bicycling (magazine)
  • “This bike has got mojo because it’s got a really well-designed, well-conceived frame.” Slowtwitch
  • You’re not going to have any excuses when it comes to your bike split. This is a bike that channels all the best of Felt’s impressive history on Hawaii’s Big Island and can help you go plenty fast, too.” Triathlon Magazine Canada

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