May 22, 2021 1 min read

We had a few hints of this a few months ago but the Canadian distributor has now confirmed that they are out of stock and have been unable to order more. Their attempts to reach the manufacturer to place an order or get an update have gone unanswered so, for now, we are left with only uncertainty about future availability. However, we have a few alternatives for you and may have another one or two options in the near future.

Option #1:  Superfuel from Skratch Labs

This is the new clusterdextrin-based fuel from Skratch.  Like all other Skratch products, is flavoured with real fruit. We have been using the lemon-lime flavour here at Element and it is a very crisp, light and slightly tart flavour.  We're really liking it here.  Superfuel has 100mg of sodium for every 100 calories.  

Skratch Superfuel


Option #2: eLoad Fly  

Fly is a dextrose & maltodextrin blend with 35g of sodium per 120 calorie (2 scoop) serving.  Fly also has added potassium in a 4:1 sodium to potassium blend for optimum absorption and balance.  Fly is unflavoured.

eLoad Fly


Coming Soon:  New EFS and EFS-Pro

 First Endurance worked on reformulations of it's hydration drinks this past year and they are starting to ship to Canada now so we hope to see them within a few weeks.  EFS products include BCAA's as well as carbohydrate and electrolytes so they can be beneficial for longer endurance events.



Elise Gaudet
Elise Gaudet

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