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CarboPro has been / was a 'go to' fuel for many endurance athletes in triathlon, cycling & running.  Starting in about 2020, though, it's availability became limited and, then, non-existant.  Some athletes are still looking for it, though, and some coaches continue to recommend it.  However, there is no need to despair - there are still plenty of comparable and even identical products. 

In this article, we'll outline some of the alternatives for you. And since variety and options are never a bad thing once you learn the formulations, you might want to try more than just one.  Practice variety so availability of any one specific product doesn't make or break your race.  

First, what is/was CarboPro?

It is so simple and once you know and understand the product, it is easier to proceed with alternatives with confidence.

The manufacturer's label describes CarboPro as "glucose polymers extracted from . . . corn"  One serving is described as 2 scoops which yields 200 calories and, nutritionally, 50g of carbohydrates.  In other words, CarboPro is 100% maltodextrin.  Now, maltodextrin is typically sourced from either potato or corn so this product is clearly derived from corn.  Regardless, it is simply maltodextrin which is simply a long-chain glucose polymer. Whether derived from corn or potato sources, whether packaged by CarboPro or someone else, it breaks down nutritionally into glucose.  When ingested, our digestive system cannot differentiate between any branded product. Maltodextrin is maltodextrin and it delivers energy in the form of glucose.  The brand on the package simply does not matter.

What Is / Was The Advantage of CarboPro?

There was a time when CarboPro was one of the very few sport nutrition products that delivered a carbohydrate rather than simple sugars. Some of the benefits of CarboPro stemmed from what it didn't have as compared to most other sport drinks:

- It had no discernable flavour. You're less likely to tire of the taste of something that has little flavour.

- It wasn't super sweet. Again, you were less likely to tire of the sweetness.

- It had no electrolytes, allowing the user to customize their electrolyte intake. (This, of course, presumes users are able to sort that out on their own).

- For many years, it had no notable competitors.  They had this market cornered for a long time.

As more a more sport fuel companies included maltodextrin in their formulas, CarboPro eventually had many competitors and was no longer a unique product. 

Once you know what it is, you likely feel more comfortable selecting alternatives. Here are some options for you.


Option #1:  Superfuel from Skratch Labs

(2023 Update: Previously named "Superfuel", this product has been re-named. The new name, 'Super High-Carb Sport Drink Mix', doesn't quite have the cache of a word like 'superfuel' nor does the name roll off the tongue as easily. What matters is the formula, the contents, and that remains unchanged.)

This is the new clusterdextrin-based fuel from Skratch.  Like all other Skratch products, is flavoured with real fruit. We have been using the lemon-lime flavour here at Element and it is a very crisp, light and slightly tart flavour.  We're really liking it here.  Superfuel has 100mg of sodium for every 100 calories.  

Skratch Superfuel


Option #2: Carbo-Fuel from Ryno Power  

This one is probably the easiest one to switch to right now and we have it in stock right now.  This one is just maltodextrin with nothing added - no flavours, no electrolytes - just like the CarboPro many of you have used before.

 - 454g package contains nine servings* of 200 calories each.

- 907g packages contains 18 servings* of 200 calories each.

* The 200 calorie "serving" size is per the nutrition description on the package. Your own serving size needs may be different.

carbo fuel label


Option #3: CarboGPower from RunnerG

Like, Carbo-Fuel, this is an unflavoured, only slightly sweet glucose polymer product. When it comes down to a product as simple as a single ingredient glucose polymer, the different branded options are more similar than theya re are different in terms of nutrient delivery. At this level of simplicity, it is a fairly generic product. Just make sure you get the measurements right and you'll get the same nutrient delivery.


2 lb tub of CarboGPower contains 907g, or approximately 18 servings of 50g (200 calories)


Option #4: 

eLoad Fly 

 (2024 Update - This one is no longer available in our supplier netswork but is still in the eLoad product lineup. If you like it, you can get it directly from eLoad, subject to availability.)

Fly is a dextrose & maltodextrin blend with 35g of sodium per 120 calorie (2 scoop) serving.  Fly also has added potassium in a 4:1 sodium to potassium blend for optimum absorption and balance.  Fly is unflavoured.

eLoad Fly




Elise Gaudet
Elise Gaudet

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