May 22, 2021 1 min read

After a brief production hiatus, CarboPro is back! It is currently shipping in the 3lb tub only and only in limited supply right now but it's a start.  In stock and available for pre-order.  For variety, there are still a few other options for you:

Option #1:  Superfuel from Skratch Labs

This is the new clusterdextrin-based fuel from Skratch.  Like all other Skratch products, is flavoured with real fruit. We have been using the lemon-lime flavour here at Element and it is a very crisp, light and slightly tart flavour.  We're really liking it here.  Superfuel has 100mg of sodium for every 100 calories.  

Skratch Superfuel


Option #2: eLoad Fly  

Fly is a dextrose & maltodextrin blend with 35g of sodium per 120 calorie (2 scoop) serving.  Fly also has added potassium in a 4:1 sodium to potassium blend for optimum absorption and balance.  Fly is unflavoured.

eLoad Fly


Coming Soon:  New EFS and EFS-Pro

 First Endurance worked on reformulations of it's hydration drinks this past year and they are starting to ship to Canada now so we hope to see them within a few weeks.  EFS products include BCAA's as well as carbohydrate and electrolytes so they can be beneficial for longer endurance events.



Elise Gaudet
Elise Gaudet

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